Monday, August 6, 2012

Funny Story

Sidenote: If at the end of this story, you feel sorry for me-don't.  It was seriously funny and in no way made me sad.  I was so grumpy at work today (15 hours) and this incident actually made me laugh and lightened my mood.  So just laugh with me.

Another sidenote: Yes, the girls at my work know some things about my personal life.  I work at a treatment center people.  So we do therapy tasks together and the recreational therapist pries crap out of you and has you announce to the group why certain things make you emotional.  Yeah, I get paid to have therapy.  So by default-my life is somewhat on display.

Okay, story time:
I was upstairs with one of the girls today who is......funny.  She doesn't have much of a filter, nor does she recognize what is deemed "socially inappropriate"-so she just says the most inappropriately funny things.  (If you remember me telling a story about how a girl said she's surprised nobody has "picked me" yet, this is the same girl)  So we're upstairs and she's chatting to me as she's vacuuming, and she says, "So Claire, are you gonna get another boyfriend?  Cause you were sad before because your boyfriend dumped you for another girl, right?" 

Uhhhh yeah, you pretty well nailed it!
We'll work on sensitivity with her.



This girl and I have a lot in common--maybe I need therapy! Haha! I think it's a totally funny story! Am I the only one who comments on blogs?

the walker family said...

Hahaha tammie you're the best! I love seeing your comments.